What is a Zimpler Casino?

Playing casino games online is great fun, but you should always be careful to protect your payment details. More players are looking to protect themselves online, so casino sites now offer more alternate payment methods than ever. Zimpler casino sites are just one example of this, as they offer further security on your transactions.

The Zimpler Casino Story

Like many online casino stories, the Zimpler casino story starts in Sweden with two casino enthusiasts. They spotted a gap in the market for a unique payment method that would change the lives of their players.
The payment method itself acts like a cross between phone bill payments and PayPal. It can only be used by mobile players and there’s a three step verification process. This makes it safer than using a card on a site, as there’s less chance of someone being able to use your details without your knowledge.
In the years since, Zimpler casino sites are popping up all over the internet as a demand for the product grows. Zimpler casino players cite increased security and convenience as their main reasons for choosing the payment method. They want more choice though, so there will be more of these sites on the horizon.

What Zimpler Casino Alternatives Exist?

The biggest competitor to the Zimpler casino is the PayPal casino, as the latter uses a similar verification procedure for mobile players. PayPal also holds the upper hand in many regards, which may account for their larger user base.
PayPal enjoys a much bigger reputation than Zimpler, so many more people are willing to trust them with their payments. They’re globally recognised and a household name, the same can’t be said for those using a Zimpler casino. This makes users slightly less trusting and means that they may opt for a bigger alternative instead.
Zimpler and PayPal are both used by mobile user, but there’s no desktop experience for Zimpler casino users. As the payment method is tied to your phone number, you must use it on your mobile device to make payments. This does add extra security onto the transaction but it can be frustrating for the user if they don’t wish to pay that way.
The more you experience these types of payment methods, the more you will be likely to find one that you prefer. There are positive and negative aspects to becoming a Zimpler casino player, but as long as you put thought into your security then you can protect yourself. This is the most important aspect to playing online, as you don’t want to fall prey to a scam or become unable to access your account.